SPRAVATO® nasal spray adult patient

SPRAVATO®, the only FDA-approved nasal spray for adult patients with two forms of challenging-to-treat major depressive disorder (MDD):

  • Adults with MDD who’ve had an inadequate response to two or more oral antidepressants, known as treatment-resistant depression (TRD)
  • Depressive symptoms in adults with MDD with suicidal thoughts or actions (MDSI)

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If you’ve taken two or more oral antidepressants and still experience symptoms of depression, you might have treatment-resistant depression (TRD).

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Getting Started

If you have treatment-resistant depression (TRD), you may benefit from adding SPRAVATO® to your current oral antidepressant.

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Cost Support
& Education

Find a nearby SPRAVATO® treatment center and be prepared with our list of common insurance questions relating to SPRAVATO® coverage.

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